Millions Will Starve
(And that's just in the USA. Billions will die globaly)

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Long Live Our Constitutional Republic and Long Live Our Lawful President, Donald Trump.

If they know what’s good for them all Militiamen, Boogaloo Boys, Proud Boys etc. will stop all demonstrations and counter-demonstrations in urban areas. 

1: You will be constantly outnumbered because almost all street trash live in urban areas. 

2: You will be the target of local district attorneys who will invariably depict you as murderers and rioters  no matter what the circumstances.

3: In the eyes of the tube sheep you will be seen a vigilantes and will be blamed for the riots just as much as the street trash. It isn’t fair but that’s the way it is. 

4: WTF do you really expect to accomplish fighting street trash in urban wastelands? You will not be able to stop the rioting and looting because you are few and only ROMAN SOLUTIONS can do that.

5: Those street rat riots are the best thing that happened to the Trump Campaign. Before he was ten points down in the polls and now he has inched ahead. Don’t you dare interfere with those rioting, burning and looting street rats. 

6:  Stay in your own counties and try to work in harmony with the local county sheriff. If he isn’t friendly now you’ll be able to vote the little traitor out of office before long.

Its now late August of 2020 and a good time to check up on our second civil war which started in late May, about three months ago.

During those three months the street trash rebels of Mr. George S. have rioted, murdered, burnt, smashed and looted seven major cities to such an extent that they are being physically evacuated by everyone who has the resources to do so.  Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Manhattan, Chicago, Minneapolis and Hollywood are all seeing ongoing and substantial refugees UHauling to small towns and rural areas and even fleeing the USA altogether.

The other major victory of the street trash rebels is their clear victory over and their ongoing, grinding down destruction of the best street fighters in our empire - I’m speaking of of big city PDs. By destroying the tax base that feeds the cops the street trash rebels have scored big time. Lots of experienced cops will see that they will get no pension and quit. Prospective cops will be less inclined to join a big city PD. Racist affirmative action policies will ensure third-class leadership and further fracture our urban police departments. The LAPD is being taken over by internal tribal gangs that copy the tats, bling and lifestyles of gang bangers. In short they are turning into criminal gangs.

These trends will continue because Soros is funding it all. Things are NOT going back to normal. These riots are not just riots that will burn out like the ones in the Sixties, these riots are part of a Color Revolution. They will not stop until Soros cuts the funding off or until tens of thousands of these Red Guard street trash are shot in the back of the head. If  the cops just tear gas them and arrest a few it means nothing.

Now to recap, after three months of our second civil war the street trash have scored two significant and pre-planned goals. 

1: They have turned several major city centers into boarded up plywood wastelands with refugees hoofing it for the hills just like in the Dark Ages. All other Imperial cities with over 1,000,000 are sure to follow unless the government uses ROMAN solutions. 

2: They have worn down our urban police departments into impotent security guards for besieged government buildings. They have beaten and bloodied the cops and have been running circles around them. The only way the cops can legitimately claim victory is to absolutely stop ALL rioting and arson and looting and assaults. Watch for yourself, these riots will keep on rolling.

After three months - Soros Street Trash 2, Glorious Imperial Republic 0.

If Biden is declared the winner in November his handlers (with or without Sleepy Joe) will start a massive Witch Hunt as soon as Biden is sworn in in January. Conservatives (and ALL NWO opposition of any sort) will be fired from their jobs, arrested on false charges, beaten, fined, stripped of ALL their property, imprisoned etc.. I don't want any part of the war that will follow but I'm sure there will be no avoiding it. A lot of people will confront the same situation. I'm too old for prison, can't afford a lawyer, might as well kiss my ass goodbye and do what needs to be done. 

MILESTONE: MULTIPLE BRAWLS. On Sunday August 15 there were TWO (2) Street Brawls between BLM/ANTIFA Slime and conservative counter demonstrators. One was at Stone Mountain and the other in Portland. These will become increasingly common until we have a milestone where these "protestors" commonly just start shooting at each other on site. Watch for this milestone here. 

MILESTONE: Currently, there are ongoing and substantial evacuations of six major cities by residents and business owners. The cities are Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, and Portland. Let's date this Milestone from August 1st. because by that time it was well underway.

I'm also getting reports that Glendale CA is being evacuated.

Cities where that will be evacuated include - 

Atlanta (Wanada-not will vanish in giant, month-long Riot. Long big iron kettles)

Boston (Stick around and you'll be baked like beans.)

Detroit (nothing left to save or evacuate or even burn. Just let it go back to dogs and weeds)

Las Vegas (Out of quarters, out of luck, even Elvis impersonators are on the dole.)

Miami (Machete-geddon but with great bongo music)

New Orleans (Thank Gawd the putrid remains can be flushed away by the noble Mississippi)

Philadelphia (Even the mob hauled ass a few years ago, they say)

Richmond (I hope the joggers kill all the white-shoe types but most will escape)

St. Louis. (A useless embarrassment even by Missouri standards, good riddance)

Washington D.C. (Yup, and the bloodsuckers will move the capital to the Rockies.)

I don't know where this WooHoo Plandemic Flu came from but I do know this: Far worse stuff is being mass produced at Ft. Dietrich and other US and non-US facilities. This shit is all made for the mass murder of civilians. And note well that "plausible deniability" is baked in because they can be depicted as naturally occurring or blamed on another bunch of mad poison makers. All of these poison makers could just stop making this hideous filth because they already have enough nukes to carpet bomb every planet in this solar system and enough insane CIA-trained and armed Moslem terrorists to finish off any survivors. Piss on every government that makes this filthy and totally unneeded crap.

And now for a word from our sponsor, Ten High Whiskey. Remember, beer is OK if you're thirsty and wine is OK if you're with a chic, but when it's time to "FIRE FOR EFFECT" always reach for Ten High Whiskey, the whiskey so fine the Devil himself carries a fifth in his field back.

Midnight pot-infused mini editorial: It is now clear that every major American City will be evacuated by all those who have the resources to do so. Only the desperately poor and assorted street trash will remain. Well, that sure didn't take much - tens of millions stampeded by less than about a million rioters and a few thousand revolutionary Saturday night gunmen. We're caving in like an army of cream puffs. Of course this will accelerate our planned economic strangulation. By the way, when I say "Millions Will Starve" I'm talking about the USA not the whole planet. Globally Billions will starve.

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