Millions Will Starve
(And that's just in the USA. Billions will die globaly)

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Pravda Interview

Posted by on July 31, 2020 at 8:15 AM Comments comments (371)

The following is an interview with me (Tom Chittum) by a reporter from the Russian newspaper Pravda. It was done about June 23, 2020. Pravda didn’t publish it but did a brief review of my book, Civil War Two.

Why is the police so inactive? Even when the looters take out the whole Walmart store… This is anarchy.

A big part of the reason is that the mayors are often directly hostile to the police. They were voted in by street trash and big donor money and that is who they cater to. Also, many are afraid of being sued. Payouts to winners of brutality suits can be a serious part of city budgets. Also, policing is no longer the business of being the police. Like everything else they are being converted into revenue streams.

Example: One reason so few murderers are caught in the cities is that few cops go looking for them. They spend much time writing tickets which do bring in money. Also, many take their orders (and cash!) from prominent NGOs that are actively seeking to destroy America, the Open Society Foundation being very prominent

How do you feel about these kneeling gestures in memory of George Floyd?

Under no circumstances should cops become involved with protestors or rioters. Those promoting this fad are doing it only to undermine and DIVIDE the police. All cops who do this should be fired on the spot. The others who do this are jerks and it is my sincere hope that someday counter revolutionaries shoot every last one in the back of the head Red Guard style

What about Mexicans? Do they support the riots?

Most sane adult Mexican Americans do not but lots of unemployed young street trash Mexican-Americans do. I suspect that in time as violence flares that more will become violent on a scale that will shock America and the World

The icon for the new protest was not Martin Luther, but a recidivist and drug addict. Is this a new generation hero?

Well, it sure looks like he's the Crisis Actor/Patsy/Plastic Dummy etc. hero of the moment. He may even be honored as the angelic martyr who set off Civil War Two. May a million Mexican pigeons shit on his statue.

What should be done now to stop this chaos?

Only one thing will suffice to restore sanity and then peace: The complete removal of the Ruling Super Class in the USA.

For immediate relief Thump could order the federal military to retake the cities but my guess is he is letting the democratic mayors and governors stew in their own juices until election time. You can't really restore order in places like Seattle unless the locals are fed up with the street trash and their riots.

No matter what measures are taken they will not be a permanent fix as long as the economy keeps taking torpedoes from the establishment

What mistakes did the authorities make in the first days after the incident

They failed to understand that these riots are the proverbial Camel's Nose in the Tent. They are the first stage of a Color Revolution, a Zionist/UK Nobility/Masonic mass murder and global wealth heist and the culmination of a plan for world conquest going as far back as at least Cromwell and all centered in the "City of London" which is the financial district of the Brit Empire. They are so clueless that they even called them "protests".

What do you say about Trump and his actions? What should he do now, in your opinion?

I think he should let the blazing cities burn. Don't help unless the democrat mayors and governors beg for it. let 'em stew until after the election. Americans hate rioters, most of 'em. Every riot is more votes for Trump and I'm pretty sure Giuliani has whispered this in his ear.

Why can't blacks assimilate with the white population? From the other side of the Atlantic Ocean it seems that they are already real Americans. Among them are many famous and rich people, but at the same time millions of them live in ghetto.

The images you have seen are pixels on a screen put there by the Wizards of Oz. In almost every case these Oz videos are the exact opposite of reality because they are infomercials.

I have known many blacks and most have a deep and abiding distrust of whites, most of them. That's one factor.

Another even bigger factor is that most are brain damaged from nothing but junk food from the day they are born. And from TVs that keep telling them that nothing is their fault ever and that they would all be rich and famous except for the poor, redneck whites. Most are completely worthless in a real-world economic sense. They can't or won't do ANY FREAKING WORK at all, including not showing up on time.

There is a general idea for America: a great country, a country of freedom, a country of equal opportunities, etc. Doesn't that work? Or it’s just words, but in reality everything is different

For decades America was the greatest Republic on the planet and an example of what free people could do. Now we're just a mock republic, a vicious imperial republic, a putrid corpse animated only by the mass of squirming parasites eating us from the inside. We are a rabid dog in the global neighborhood and in due course someone is going to put a well-deserved (nuclear) bullet in our head.

What will happen next? Can you predict that?

More of the same until about election time. Then I think the globalists will try for an outright military coup or better still absolute anarchy via disputed elections and open defiance of federal authority by mutinous local officials and local armed forces like cops.

This country has something like 40 million newly unemployed and somebody had better feed them or every city will burn. The cops won't stand a chance.

The riots are clearly controlled by someone. There was information that someone was collecting people for rallies for money. Who do you think stand behind all this? Who is (like we in Russia used to say) shaking the boat? Just don't say that this is Michael Jordan. I will not survive this

The Bankster Spiders headquartered in London are at the center of this web.



Ambushes of Cops a Common Occurrence Now

Posted by on July 28, 2020 at 2:15 PM Comments comments (68)

Ambushes of cops are common occurences now. There are too many to keep track of. I only record the ones that result in one or more KIAs." target="_blank">http://

A few seem to be pre-arranged ambushes but most seem to be local residents spontaneously firing at the police the moment they are seen.


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