Millions Will Starve
(And that's just in the USA. Billions will die globaly)

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On Sunday August 15 there were TWO (2) Street Brawls between BLM/ANTIFA Slime and conservative counter demonstrators. One was at Stone Mountain and the other in Portland. These will become increasingly common until we have a milestone where these "protestors" commonly just start shooting at each other on site. Watch for this milestone here. 

MILESTONE: Currently, there are ongoing and substantial evacuations of six major cities by residents and business owners. The cities are Chicago, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, New York, and Portland. Let's date this Milestone from August 1st. because by that time it was well underway.

I'm also getting reports that Glendale CA is being evacuated.

Cities where that will be evacuated include - 

Atlanta (Wanada-not will vanish in giant, month-long Riot. Long big iron kettles)

Boston (Stick around and you'll be baked like beans.)

Detroit (nothing left to save or evacuate or even burn. Just let it go back to dogs and weeds)

Las Vegas (Out of quarters, out of luck, even Elvis impersonators are on the dole.)

Miami (Machete-geddon but with great bongo music)

New Orleans (Thank Gawd the putrid remains can be flushed away by the noble Mississippi)

Philadelphia (Even the mob hauled ass a few years ago, they say)

Richmond (I hope the joggers kill all the white-shoe types but most will escape)

St. Louis. (A useless embarrassment even by Missouri standards, good riddance)

Washington D.C. (Yup, and the bloodsuckers will move the capital to the Rockies.)

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